Hair Twisters

Celtic Blue Rainbow Complete Set - 6" Ponytail Holder

$ 105.00

Hair Twisters

Celtic Blue Rainbow Complete Set - 6" Ponytail Holder

$ 105.00

If you are looking for a beautiful and sophisticated way to adorn your lovely hair consider the Celtic Blue Rainbow Ponytail Wrap Set. It’s a classic and elegant choice when you’re looking for a unique way to dress up your look and give it a slightly medieval flair.

A ponytail wrap is the perfect choice when you want your tresses to look sleek and neat, but not like an ordinary every day ponytail. The Celtic Blue Rainbow Ponytail Wrap comes as a gorgeous 3 piece set that can be worn all together at the same time, or by using each piece individually.   They are the perfect hair accessory to wear to your local Renaissance Festival, Medieval themed parties, or as part of your daily fashion accessory.

 The entire Celtic Blue Ponytail set is made of durable rust-free brass spirals that have been overlaid with silver and painted in an alluring bright metallic blue that has been accented with rainbow tones.

There is one long 6 inch spiral and two matching 4 inch side spirals that will glint and shine in the sun or under evening lights.

 This versatile 3 piece set is appropriate for any medium to waist long hair length.


* Please select coil size: Medium for "Average" thickness hair or Large for "Very" thick hair

* Weight: 58 grams 

* Dimensions: 10 inches & 6 inches with charms attached

* Metal: Silver overlay on Brass

* Color: Blue + Rainbow 

* Bead: Glass 

* Size: Large Charm