Hair Twisters

Hair Twisters Gold - 4" Mini Hair Wrap

$ 20.00

Hair Twisters

Hair Twisters Gold - 4" Mini Hair Wrap

$ 20.00

Wrap your hair in a shimmering golden spiral with the Hair Twister Gold – 4 Inch. The textured metal coil will glisten in the sun while wrapped around any type of hair. The 4 Inch Hair Twister is out most popular size, and it is made to fit a pencil width of medium length hair. A locking hairpin is included with the Hair Twister that will hold it in place so that it will not slip out. The Hair Twister is a great hair ornament when you want to do something different with your hair. Made to be lightweight so that you can wear it all day without it pulling on your hair.

Style Tip:

Create different looks with the small charms. Small Charms are specially made to match the colors of Hair Twister. Easy charm attachment, when you clip one to the loop at the bottom of the Hair Twister. 


* One size fits all

* Small charms sold separately

* Metal: Brass

* Color: Gold 

* Each Mini Hair Twister comes with instructions on how to put it in your hair.

* Dimensions: 4" long x 1/4" inside diameter

* Weight: 8 grams

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