Hair Twisters

Hair Armor Celtic - Silver Ponytail Holder

$ 32.00

Hair Twisters

Hair Armor Celtic - Silver Ponytail Holder

$ 32.00

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The Celtic style is an ancient and utterly classic one. It combines the beauty of the natural world with the creativity that can be brought forth from the minds of the world’s greatest artists. With symbols and ornaments that call forth to mind rolling emerald hills and lush riverlands, a Celtic style piece of jewelry is a must have for anyone who loves a traditional, elegant look.

This piece is one of our personal favorites in our Hair Armor series. With a silver construction in a time-tested Celtic design, this Hair Holder is a great choice for ornamentation in your ponytail. And to make this a truly unique piece, a single loop at the bottom of the holder allows you to add your own favorite large silver charm.

Style Tip: Add your favorite Large Charm to the loop at the end of the Hair Armor to add more style to your tresses.


* Large Charms sold separately

* One size fits all 

* Weight: 31.7 grams 

* Dimensions: 1.5" x .25" x 5" 

* On backside of Hair Armor, the 3 hooks are strategically placed to hook onto elastic bands.

* This hair armor comes with 3 ouchless black elastics that the Hair Armor easily attaches to.

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