Hair Twisters

Dreamcatcher Complete Set - Silver, 6" Ponytail Holder

$ 83.00

Hair Twisters

Dreamcatcher Complete Set - Silver, 6" Ponytail Holder

$ 83.00

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Dream Catchers are essential to making sure that your sleep is always kind and gentle, and now you can take this dreamcather complete set where ever you go for good luck. The good dreams will work their way to the turquoise colored center, and the bad dreams will be caught and burned away by the sun. Three detailed metal feathers hang from the metal disk where the good dreams can be safe from the sun until you are ready to dream again.

The Dreamcatcher Complete set has three separate hair holders that are all made of high-quality rust-resistant brass that has been overlaid with durable and shiny silver tone. The top of the main pony tail spiral is adorned with a large circular dreamcatcher to keep those nightmares n check. All three of the holders feature dream catcher charms hanging from turquoise glass beads.

Not sure about the turquoise bead color choice? Don't worry, this set comes with every color option that we have available with the charms. Simply choose from the drop down menu the correct ponytail wrap size and color combination of your choosing. For color bead pictures refer to the individual charms in our charms section. 

This dreamcatcher complete 
set includes a ponytail wrap 6 inches long, and two 6" hairtwisters. 2 small Charms 1 Large Charm 

Picture shows size Medium Ponytail Wrap

* Please select wrap size: Small for Thinner hair, Medium for "Average" thickness hair or Large for "Very" thick hair

* Weight: 58 grams

* Dimensions: 9" overall

* Metal: Silver overlay on Brass

* Color: Silver + Turquoise 

* Bead: Glass 

* Size: Large Charm