• St. Louis' Last Weekend!

St. Louis' Last Weekend!

This weekend is the last weekend for St. Louis Renaissance Festival! Make sure you to check it out because this is the only time of year they will be in town. There will be plenty of fun and new things to do. They will have food, games, shows, a theme for this weekend, and even more exciting things! 
This faire only lasted a few weekends, and wont be back this year! 
So make sure you get a chance to go for even just one day. 
And before going, you'll want to make sure that you fit the part. We have fleur de lis hair hooks that are perfect for this faire! You have to get one for yourself. We will also be selling them at the faire if you don't have time to get one this week. Stop by our booth and make sure to check out all of the hair goodies we will be selling. 
Don't think that this hair hook is your thing? No problem, we have charms that will fit perfectly at the end of any ponytail wrap, or a small charm at the end of our hair twisters. There's something for everybody! 
If you do end up going and taking pictures, send them to us and we might upload them to our blog! 
We hope to see you there!
Peace, Love, & Good Vibes, from Medieval Metal