Hair Twisters

Charm Small Silver - Celtic Power

$ 5.00

Hair Twisters

Charm Small Silver - Celtic Power

$ 5.00

Add an ornate Celtic symbol to the end of your Mini Hair Twister when you clip on the Charm Small Silver - Celtic Power. This symbol of power is not only unusual, but it is also a representation of the power that we feel through transition and growth. This charm features a lobster clasp that makes it easy to clip it on to the loop at the bottom of a Mini Hair Twister. A small glass bead in the middle of the charm adds color to the design, and you can choose which color you like. This small charm is the perfect companion for a Mini Hair Twister to add color and movement.


* Weight: 2.3 grams

* Dimensions: 2.25" x .5"

* Metal: Silver overlay on Brass

* Color: Silver

* Bead: Glass 

* Size: Small Charm 

* Mini Hair Twister sold separately

* This Small Charm is only for use with the Mini Hair Twisters

* Charm will not fit on a Ponytail Wrap

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