Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Rainbow - 6" Slightly Damaged

$ 22.00 $ 12.00

Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Rainbow - 6" Slightly Damaged

$ 22.00 $ 12.00

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If you have medium length hair, the Ponytail Wrap Rainbow - 6 Inch should be the hair accessory of choice for you. Fun and fashion forward, this Rainbow hair accessory is made of lightweight, high quality silver metal with a vibrant enamel coating. Simply use the attached hook to fasten the ponytail wrap to any hair tie, and you will feel secure knowing that your hairstyle will stay in place all day long! This fantastic hair decoration comes in three different diameters that ensure a perfect fit for any type of hair. Choose the small size for really thin hair, the medium size for average hair thickness (our most popular size), or the large size for really thick hair. The 6 Inch Rainbow Ponytail Wrap is also a great way to protect your hair from tangles!

* FYI: These wraps are slightly damaged, meaning could have paint imperfections or slight scratches. Totally functional and great to wear

Style Tip: Add some extra length to your hair when you attach a beaded large charm to the metal loop at the bottom of the ponytail wrap.


* Each Ponytail Wrap comes with one black ouchless elastic hair tie.

* Hair Hooks and Charms Sold Separately

*Measurements shown are from the top of the ponytail wrap. Diameter decreases down the metal coil for a snug fit.

Small - .5" diameter, 6" long

Medium - 1" diameter, 6" long

Large - 1.5" diameter, 6" long


Small=13 grams, Medium=19 grams, Large=23 grams