Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Rainbow - 12" Slightly Damaged

$ 28.00 $ 16.00

Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Rainbow - 12" Slightly Damaged

$ 28.00 $ 16.00

If you love the look of a long ponytail, but hate when it gets tangled throughout the day, then the Ponytail Wrap Rainbow –12" is just what you need. The shiny vibrant enamel coated on a lightweight metal accents your hair without weighing it down. A hook at the top of the metal spiral attaches to any hair tie and keeps the ponytail wrap securely in place. These ponytail wraps have been tested on a motorcycle at 140mph, and are guaranteed to not slip out of your hair! Choose the diameter size that will fit your hair the best depending on the thickness of your hair. Small will fit thin hair, medium is for average hair, and large is made to fit thick hair.

Style Tip: Our Large Charms are custom made to fit the metal loop at the bottom of the ponytail wrap. Pick a different charm for every day of the week! *Each Ponytail Wrap comes with one black ouchless elastic hair tie. (Hair Hooks and Charms sold separately)

Details: these slightly damaged items have small scratches or imperfections which cause us to offer them as damaged. However, they still work great and look great.  For the cost savings, it is a great Ponytail wrap!


*Measurements shown are from the top of the ponytail wrap. Diameter decreases down the metal coil for a snug fit.

Small - .5" diameter, 12" long

Medium - 1" diameter, 12" long

Large - 1.5" diameter, 12" long


Small=27 grams

Medium=42 grams

Large=46 grams

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